Lax panicgrass

Scientific name
Panicum laxum

Common name
Lax panicgrass

Other names (PBR name, trademark, breeder code)

ShadeGro (formerly protected by Australian Plant Breeder's Rights); ShadeGro Lawn Grass ™; CPI 53932 (breeder's code).

ShadeGro™ is a turf variety that is established by seed. Following initial investigations its growth habit under ‘mown’ conditions identified that the variety was well suited as an ornamental turf variety. ShadeGro™ grows best in sub-tropical and tropical conditions and handles lowlight conditions exceptionally well. In tropical conditions the variety can be grown under full sun. However, in tropical environments shady environments are better suited to provide optimum growing conditions. ShadeGro™ has bright dark green leaves when fertility is (above) acceptable, but when nutrition is low, the turf foliage is yellowgreen in colour. Leaves can turn also turn purple at the tips.

Other comments

ShadeGro is frost tolerant, can tolerate shade levels with only 10 % to 15 % sunlight, grows in a wide range of soil, can tolerate excessive moisture. Seeding rate is 2kg per 100m². Optimum seed germination occurs at 39°C. ShadeGro seed is/was commercially available from Australian Premium Seeds Pty Ltd.



Pests, diseases and weeds

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Available in Seed
Price range N/A
Use Residential and Parks
Suitable climate classification Subtropical and Tropical
Preferred mowing height 31mm - 50mm
Shade tolerance Good
Wear tolerance Poor
Cold tolerance Good
Heat tolerance Moderate
Salinity tolerance Poor
Water requirement Low
Fertiliser requirement Moderate
Mowing frequency Low
Thatch production Low
Website N/A
Facebook N/A
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