Seasonal Turf Care Tips

The following turf management tips have been provided by Australian Lawn Fanatics #auslf.



Winter Turf Care 


  • A lot of lawns will become dormant to semi-dormant throughout winter with up keep becoming minimal (any many partners rejoicing).
  • Renovating procedures are discouraged e.g. scarifying and dethatching.
  • Solid tyne aerating in winter is a perfect time to releave soil compaction and allow access for nutrients into the root zone.
  • Watering is best in the morning. Avoid over watering as it can promote fungal disease in your thatch layer and may result in additional frost damage. Generally this time of year your soil remains moist requiring less irrigation due to reduced (soil) temperatures. Read more on irrigation here...
  • Winter can produce the onset of weeds e.g. bindii, creeping oxalis, clovers and winter grass (poa). Pre-emergent herbicide should have been applied in autumn to prevent the onset of winter weed pressures.
  • Pruning any overhanging trees or shrubs will allow more sunlight to your turf during shorter days.
  • Winter is also a perfect time for machine maintenance as mowing requirements are lessened. Service and maintenance of machinery should be a priority for the season.
  • Liquid (foliar) fertilisers are also an advantage during winter.
  • Mowing heights can be slightly raised to allow the plant more leaf to help with better photosynthesis during the shorter days.
  • The use of a slow release fertiliser with a good NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) ratio is integral to plant health during winter with potassium adding plant health and strength to the plant to survive the cooler period. 

Content provided by Dallas Rusty Garton and Lenny Lawler of Australian Lawn Fanatics #auslf.