Turf Queensland

Queensland Turf Producers Association (QTPA) now trading as Turf Queensland, commenced in March 2001 and believed it was timely to represent the growing professional industry of turf production in this state. In so doing a Strategic Development Plan was undertaken to support, in a sustainable professional manner, the growth of turf production as an intensive agriculture sector across Queensland while communicating and integrating with other related industries. As the recognised Queensland industry support body for turf production the development of our Core Purpose was undertaken. As is the case with all industry associations the development of member benefits was paramount and addressing the various issues identified by members through the inclusive research of the strategic plan has provided considerable direction for the executive of the Association.

For more information visit www.qtpa.com.au.


As an integrated industry with over 100 turf grass producers across the state covering 2725 ha (27 million acres) and providing a gross state product of in excess of $320 million GDP per annum it is critical that we work alongside other related stakeholders, sponsors, research institutions and our members to continue the growth in professionalism and awareness of this key industry supplier to our main pillar industries. The Associations agreed Core Purpose is to:


  • Develop awareness of the turf production industries professionalism and quality of product.
  • Develop the appropriate independent accreditation and certification process for the industry.
  • Promote the use of best practice in the production of turf grass and maintain best practice environmental values in balance and harmony with turf production.
  • Ensure quality, appropriate career path and skills training program is established.
  • Develop a fully integrated long-term sustainable industry.
  • Undertake identified research and innovation programmes where necessary.
  • Undertake the appropriate promotion and marketing of the industry through regular industry on farm workshops and publications.
  • Work alongside other related Turf industry organisations and suppliers.