Sierrablen Plus


Combining PACE and Poly-S technologies provides consistent feeding, enhanced longevity and a low-scorch risk. Also, its small-sized granules allow for even coverage and equal nutrient distribution. These fertilizer products offer a wide choice of analyses for proper nutrient input for every growth phase of the turf. SierrablenPlus products deliver an extended uniform response with no speckling. SierrablenPlus has high-analyses in low application rates which makes it extremely economical. SierrablenPlus is the best choice for giving your turf a rapid and healthy kick-start while enjoying long-lasting effects. Granule size 1 to 2.5 mm.



Spring Starter: 24 (N) - 2.2 (P) - 10.8 (K); Active: 19 (N) - 2.2 (P) - 14.9 (K) + 1.2 (Mg) and TE; Renovator: 20 (N) - 8.7 (P) - 6.6 (K); Stress Control: 15 (N) - 0 (P) - 23.2 (K) + 1.2 (Mg); Active (4-5M): 18 (N) - 2.2 (P) - 14.9 (K) + 1.2 (Mg); High K Mini: 0 (N) - 0 (P) - 32 (K); and NPK Mini: 25 (N) - 2.2 (P) - 10 (K) blends.



Product size available:

25 kg bag


Host turf:

  • Cool- and warm-season turfgrass in;
  • Lawns
  • Fine turf
  • Sportsfields
  • Golf tees
  • Amenity turf


Application rate:

2.5-3.5 kg/100 m2


Application timing:

2-4 applications per year. Longevity 12-20 weeks



Critical comments:

Refer to current product label and safety data sheet. NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY PURPOSE OR IN ANY MANNER CONTRARY TO THE MANUFACTURERS CURRENT PRODUCT LABEL. Apply to dry foliage. Watering-in after application helps with product dispersion and gives a faster initial effect. Avoid doing applications during frosty or drought conditions. Applications should be made after aeration programs like: hollow tining, sliting a/o scarification in order to prevent granule damage.

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