About Turf Finder

TurfFinder is an independent web site to assist home owners and professional turf managers in selecting the best available turfgrasses to meet their needs. TurfFinder provides factual independent information on commercially available turfgrasses being sold by professional turf producers locally and from across Australia. 

TurfFinder was conceived by Matt Roche, Director of Australian Sports Turf Consultants (ASTC) which provides independent turf consultancy services to sports organisations, the turf production, environmental, commercial and residential sectors across Australia and internationally. Prior to Matt's role at ASTC he was formerly a Research Scientist with the Queensland State Government's turf research program for over 10 years.


Two regular questions asked are what is the best turfgrass and where can I buy it? Surprisingly, this and independent varietal information on the pros and cons of each grass variety was difficult to find. TurfFinder was developed to enable consumers to select and compare turfgrass varieties and to find where each variety could be purchased either locally or interstate. Soon after Turf Finder added information on how to install and care for your turfgrass.This later included the addition of a detailed catalogue of pests, diseases and weeds and how to control them which has proven very popular. Turf Finder is currently updating their web site and looks forward to sharing new information and services in 2020.

Australian Sports Turf Consultatns (ASTC) also houses Australia's Warm-Season Turfgrass Collection which contains some 200 different varieties of warm-season turfgrass growing side-by-side in a "living library". The showcase provides members of he public and turfgrass industry with an opportunity to view the grasses which are collectively maintained under the same management conditions. Each variety is labelled and possesses a quick reference (QR) code which is also linked to TurfFinder.com. Annual open days of the living library turfgrass are organised by ASTC. Stay up to date with the release of dates and relevant information by following TurfFinder's Facebook page.