Speciality Products

Turf Colourants

Turf colourants provide a 100% organic and non-toxic alternative to improve turf colour. Colourant or pigment can be used year-round and is frequently used during winter to change a brown dormant grass into a dark green lawn.

Spray Indicators

Spray indicators or dyes, which can be blue or red, are used with spray equipment to indicate areas that have been sprayed. Non staining spray colourants are also available.


Adjuvants are compounds that modify a spray solution. The notable adjuvant groups include:

  • Wetting agent surfactants: A wetting agent can help to prevent localised dry sport and hydrophobic activity within the soil. Wetting agents can provide water retention, a penetrant, curative, or a combination of the latter. Wetting agents come in liquid or granular form for application across the turf surface.
  • Extenders, Spreaders, Stickers; and
  • Oils.

Adjuvants can enhance herbicide activity or reduce herbicide selectivity. Some adjuvants alone can cause injury to turf when inappropriately used. Adjuvants should only be used when instructed on the product label.


Colour King


ColourGuard Plus


Blazon Blue


Spray Indicator



Spray Indicator

H2Pro AquaSmart


Liquid soil wetting agent

H2Pro FlowSmart


Liquid soil wetting agent

Hydraflo 2


Granular soil wetting agent

HydroForce Extend


Liquid soil surfactant

Munns Professional Smart Wetter


Liquid soil wetting agent



Liquid soil wetting agent