Benefits of Turf

In this day and age when block sizes are getting smaller, there is increased pressure to play more sport and therefore more hours on each and every sportsfield, people are time poor and water is a precious commodity, the question is often asked: Is natural turfgrass for me?

Choosing the Right Turf

The most important decision to make when establishing a new lawn or turfed area is selecting the best turfgrass for your situation and needs. Many lawn problems occur because homeowners and turf professionals don't choose the best turfgrass in the beginning.

Turf Area Calculator

You would think it is as easy as growing grass, but you would be surprised to hear how often people make the simple mistake of a missed calculation. We will provide you with some handy tips and tricks to make sure you don't come undone.

Turf Species Difference

There are many turf species available, commonly including green couch, blue couch, buffalograss, Zoysia, kikuyu and ryegrass just to name a few. What are the differences and which species of turfgrass will suit my needs?