Wetting Agents

A wetting agent can be to help prevent localised dry sport and hydrophobic activity within the soil. Wetting agents can come in liquid or granular form for application across the turf surface.


Repellency is caused by the upper-most soil layer and the granules in it becoming coated with organic compounds derived from decomposing organic material. Sand is more prone to water repellency than clays. When water is applied, the soil dispenses it sideways causing localised dry spots, a problem which is more pronounced in times of water scarcity (Carson, no date). Soil rewetting agents can allow water to penetrate and flow (evenly) through the rootzone, improve irrigation efficiency, reduce water usage and help to reduce turfgrasses diseases such as Fairy Ring.

Content included on this page has been modified; original content was published in ‘Managing your lawn in times of drought’ (Carson, no date). Permission for use has been granted by the now Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries.

H2Pro AquaSmart


Liquid soil wetting agent

H2Pro FlowSmart


Liquid soil wetting agent

Hydraflo 2


Granular soil wetting agent

Munns Professional Smart Wetter


Liquid soil wetting agent



Liquid soil wetting agent