Yates LawnSmart Couch Lawn Seed


Hulled and unhulled couch.



A tough, dense lawn that is well suited to surviving harsh Australian summers. Drought tolerant, hardwearing and self repairing, this lawn is ideal for children, pets and high traffic areas.


  • Contains GERMINATION BOOSTER – innovative new seed coating technology that contains essential plant nutrient and a germination booster proven to speed up germination and enhance seedling vigour.
  • Part of a complete range of premium Yates lawn seed.
  • Extremely drought tolerant and hardwearing lawn.
  • Ideal for warm areas. Germinates best when soil temperatures exceed 20 degrees Celsius.



Product size available:

750g box


Application rate:

750g covers 75m/2



For best results: Tropical Zone – sow all year round (avoid mid winter), Subtropical – Sow early Spring to early Autumn and Temperate Zone – Sow late spring to mid summer


Suitable locations:




Directions for use:

Please refer to the current product label for details. Turf Finder also provides seed establishment and seed maintenance advice on our web site. The product is NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY PURPOSE OR IN ANY MANNER CONTRARY TO THE MANUFACTURERS CURRENT PRODUCT LABEL.



  • Avoid ALL traffic (including dogs) on the area until the lawn is well established.
  • Keep the newly sown lawn damp at all times by watering regularly with a fine mist spray.
  • May require watering several times a day in hot or windy conditions.
  • Lawn should first be mown when it reaches 6-8cm in height and then gradually reduce to a minimum of 3 cm.
  • Couch germinates best when soil temperature exceed 20 degrees Celcius.



Product supplier information:

Kenpra Label

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