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Nuturf is an experienced and trusted distributor of quality products and agronomic services to the turf, landscape and amenity horticulture industries, committed to providing our customers with solutions through innovation and industry investment.

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Products sold by Nuturf

Heritage Maxx Fungicide


Preventative Turf Fungicide

Posterity Turf Fungicide


Preventative and Curative Turf Fungicide

Subdue Maxx Turf Fungicide


Preventative and curative Turf Fungicide

Casper Turf Herbicide


Turf Herbicide

Monument Liquid Turf Herbicide


Turf Herbicide



Turf Insecticide

Acelepryn GR


Turf Insecticide

Agador Turf Nematicide and Miticide


Turf Insecticide

Higran Turf Miticide


Early Curative Miticide 

Primo Maxx Turf Growth Regulator


Plant Growth Regulator