Turf Varieties

Selected species: American buffalograss

Buchloe (formerly Bouteloua) dactyloides is a perennial warm-season turfgrass species. In the United States, the grass species is called 'American buffalograss' and in Australia and online, retailers who sell the seed commonly call it 'buffalograss seed'. Don't be mistaken. Look or ask for the scientific name. You may be wanting a Stenotaphrum secundatum (American common name St Augustine) buffalograss variety instead. Buchloe dactyloides is a fine-textured turfgrass similar in appearance to a sparse green couch turfgrass variety and is predominantly blue-green in colour. The variety which is slow to establish from seed, spreads by stolons and has poor wear tolerance. 

Mowing height 15 mm to 50 mm.