Turf Varieties

Selected species: Kikuyu

Kikuyu grass is a vigorous medium to coarse textured grass for the subtropics, particularly in highland areas or along the coast which have a moderating influence on summer temperatures. For best results, it requires good soil fertility and moisture, but at the same time shows good drought tolerance because of its deep rooting rhizomatous habit. Kikuyu tolerates moderate wear and usually recovers rapidly because of fast stolon growth. Its shade tolerance, however, is poor.

Kikuyu grass exists both in a male and sterile and a fully fertile form. The male sterile form can be distinguished by the absence of exterally visible filaments and stamens within the inflorescence (Morris, 2009). This can be seen in the photos provided below (Photo 1 of 2).

Mowing height is 10 mm to 40 mm.