Yates Lawn Repair Kit


Seed including Perennial rye grass, Annual rye grass, creeping red fescue, unhulled couch, slow release lawn food (N:K:Fe) and bentonite, a granular soil improver.



An easy to use, lawn patch repair product containing all the ingredients needed to successfully repair bare patches in lawns. Simply apply Yates Lawn Seed Repair, water in and watch your bare patch disappear to thick, strong, long lasting grass! Ideal for sunny or shady areas. Its features include:


  • Yates Lawn Seed Repair is a premium lawn seed blend of couch, fescue and fast germinating rye grasses, as well as slow release lawn fertiliser specially formulated to repair bare or patchy lawn areas.
  • Special blend will help thicken up any bare areas, bringing life back to your lawn.
  • The slow release fertiliser assists with the growth of new seedlings as they start to develop and establish, while also encouraging existing lawn to strengthen and grow.
  • The pack also contains bentonite, a natural wetting agent, to assist with holding moisture to aid seed germination.



Product size available:

1kg box


Application rate:

  • Repairs: 1kg over 50m2
  • New lawns: 1kg over 25m2



Early autumn for best results. Spring is also suitable.


Suitable locations:




Directions for use:

Please refer to the current product label for details. Turf Finder also provides seed establishment and seed maintenance advice on our web site. The product is NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY PURPOSE OR IN ANY MANNER CONTRARY TO THE MANUFACTURERS CURRENT PRODUCT LABEL.



  • Keep ALL traffic (including dogs) off the area until the lawn is well established.
  • Keep the newly sown lawn damp at all times by watering regularly with a fine mist spray. May require watering several times a day in hot or windy conditions.
  • Lawn should first be mown when it reaches 10cm in height and then gradually reduce to a minimum of 5cm.
  • To prevent staining, sweep any split product from driveways and paths back on the lawn before watering.



Product supplier information:

Yates Lawn Repair Kit Label

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