Yates LawnSmart All Season Lawn Seed


Mustang II Tall Fescue, Annual Ryegrass, Kentuncky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue



A special blend of cool-season turfgrasses to establish a premium lawn in cool climate areas. Its features include:


  • Unique tall fescue blend is suited to cool climates and is also drought tolerant once established as it exhibits a deeper root system (compared to other cool season lawn types) .
  • Superior drought tolerance for cool climates.
  • Tolerates sunny and shaded areas and can survive up to 80% shade.
  • Offers excellent winter green colour.
  • Unique wide leaf blade of the Mustang II Tall Fescue also make this product ideal to oversow shade damaged areas of kikuyu and buffalo lawns.



Product size available:

1kg box


Application rate:

  • New lawns: 1kg over 25m2
  • Oversowing: 1kg over 50m2



Early autumn


Suitable locations:




Directions for use:

Please refer to the current product label for details. Turf Finder also provides seed establishment and seed maintenance advice on our web site. The product is NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY PURPOSE OR IN ANY MANNER CONTRARY TO THE MANUFACTURERS CURRENT PRODUCT LABEL.



  • Keep ALL traffic (including dogs) off the area until the lawn is well established.
  • Keep the newly sown lawn damp at all times by watering regularly with a fine mist spray.
  • May require watering several times a day in hot or windy conditions.
  • Lawn should first be mown when it reaches 10cm in height and then gradually reduce to a minimum of 5cm.



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Yates LawnSmart All Season Lawn Seed Label

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