Paspalum vaginatum

Scientific name

Paspalum vaginatum

Common name

Seashore paspalum

Other names (PBR name, trademark, breeder code)

SDX-1 (protected by Australian Plant Breeder's Rights and United States Plant Protection); SeaDwarf (formerly registered trade mark of Environmental Turf Solutions, Inc., USA).


SeaDwarf is a medium- to fine-textured seashore paspalum that was selected on the basis of its dwarf growth habit, tolerance of low cutting height, turf density, fine-textured growth, and apparent salt tolerance under field conditions (Roche and Loch, 2008). SeaDwarf has been used on golf courses in the USA wall-to-wall i.e. from tees to greens.

Other comments

SeaDwarf Seashore Paspalum is the only dwarf cultivar of Seashore Paspalum. It tolerates a wide range of mowing heights, about 2.5mm to abot 50mm, but can be left unkept to about 100mm. Seashore paspalum can be irrigated with varied water quality; alternative water sources such as effluent, reclaimed or brackish may be used as an irrigation source. SeaDwarf is available through Environmental Turf and its network of Licensed Growers (Soruce: Environmental Turf Solutions, Inc.).

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Available in Sod/turf
Use Residential and Parks and Golf or bowls and Foreshore and Environmentally sensitive areas
Suitable climate classification Subtropical and Tropical
Preferred mowing height 11mm - 30mm
Shade tolerance Moderate
Wear tolerance Moderate
Cold tolerance Poor
Heat tolerance Good
Salinity tolerance Good
Water requirement Moderate
Fertiliser requirement Moderate
Mowing frequency Moderate
Thatch production Moderate
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