Augusta Zoysia Lawn

Zoysia matrella

Scientific name

Zoysia matrella

Common name

Zoysia - Manilla Grass


Augusta Zoysia Lawn has just arrived on the market and has quickly become a solid performing Zoysia matrella that offers exceptional fine-leaf, drought and shade tolerance combined with low maintenance. This user-friendly, deep green coloured grass creates a compact smart looking lawn that suits any environment – from residential, parklands & sporting fields. Augusta Zoysia Lawn is recognised for its high shade tolerance and is ideal for those wanting a low maintenance lawn that requires less water, mowing and fertiliser. Augusta’s deep root system also means it is an efficient water user and exceptionally suitable for drought prone regions and an ideal choice for areas with low rainfall or council water restrictions. Once normal rainfall returns Augusta is quick to green-up. Augusta prides itself on having a higher disease and insect resistance compared to many other warm season grasses. Augusta Zoysia’s dense growth reduces much of the weed population.

Other comments

Augusta Zoysia has a fine unique leaf-blade with vertical posture, which offers a soft to touch and underfoot feel – great for families and lovers of lawn.

When growing within parklands and around trees Augusta® Zoysia Lawn has the unique habit of growing entirely under the trees canopy and up to the trunk. It’s growth habit limits the normal competition between grass roots and tree feeder roots.

Augusta® Zoysia Lawn’s extensive root system, high stolon frequency and vigorous rhizome growth, produces thick compact turf that recovers quickly from injury and will consistently establish in a wide variety of soil types. Augusta® Zoysia Lawn’s deep root system also means it is an efficient water user.

Augusta® Zoysia Lawn also prides itself on having higher disease and insect resistance compared to many other warm-season grasses. It has great winter colour and produces little seed head (a common irritant for people with allergies).

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Available in Sod/turf
Turf price range (per m2) $22.00 - $26.00
Use Residential and Parks and Golf or bowls
Suitable climate classification Subtropical and Tropical and Temperate
Preferred mowing height 20 to 50 mm
Shade tolerance Good
Wear tolerance Good
Cold tolerance Moderate
Heat tolerance Good
Salinity tolerance Good
Water requirement Moderate
Fertiliser requirement Low
Mowing frequency Moderate
Thatch production Moderate

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