Sir Grange

Zoysia matrella

Scientific name

Zoysia matrella

Common name

Zoysia - Manilla Grass

Other names (PBR name, trademark, breeder code)

Sir Grange® is a registered trade mark in Australia by Green Propeller Pty Ltd for Class 31 on 12 Aug 2014 (trade mark no. 1640312); Zeon (United States Plant Patent); Zeon Zoysia® (USA trade mark); Zeon Zoysia™ and Sir Zeon™ were also considered as being either of the possible trade marks to be utilised in Australia before Sir Grange.


Zeon Zoysia®, which is trade marked in Australia as Sir Grange®, is regarded as having a superior rate of spreading with texture improved over common zoysiagrass, superior turf grass quality regarding compactness and low degree of thatch and slightly darker than average green color (Doguet, 2002). Sir Grange can be cylinder mown to 10 mm to 12 mm for high profile areas.

Other comments

Zeon Zoysia® was used within the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero, Brazil on the golf course within its tees, fairways and roughs (not green). The breeder (Bladerunner Farms, Inc., USA) claims that Zeon Zoysia requires as little as 3 hours of direct sunlight for growing. Zeon Zoysia also produces less thatch than other zoysia varieties currently on the market. Sir Grange® is available commercially through Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) growers.

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Supplier Technical Data

Sir Grange Technical Data

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Available in Sod/turf
Turf price range (per m2) $18.00 - $25.00
Use Residential and Parks and Sports fields and Golf or bowls
Suitable climate classification Subtropical and Tropical and Temperate
Preferred mowing height 6mm - 50mm
Shade tolerance Good
Wear tolerance Good
Cold tolerance Moderate
Heat tolerance Good
Salinity tolerance Good
Water requirement Moderate
Fertiliser requirement Low
Mowing frequency Moderate
Thatch production Moderate
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  • Doguet, D. (2002). Zoysiagrass plant named 'Zeon'. United States Plant Patent 13,166.
  • Mangum, K. (2015). 69th Annual Southeastern Turfgrass Conference [Proceedings]. p. [1-64].
  • Zeon Zoysia is a registered trade mark in the United States by Bladerunner Farms, Inc., USA which was filed on 9 April 2016 (serial number 86970150). Prior registrations (4016188) also by Bladerunner Farms, Inc., USA was filed on 5 June 2007.
  • Zeon zoysia™ and Sir Zeon™ were trade marks applied for by Green Propeller Pty Ltd on 18 August 2015 and 7 April 2016 respectively.

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