Cynodon dactylon x C. transvaalensis

Scientific name

Cynodon dactylon x C. transvaalensis

Common name

Hybrid green couch

Other names (PBR name, trademark, breeder code)

AGRD (protected by Australian Plant Breeder's Rights); Grasslands Agridark (New Zealand Plant Variety Rights).


AgriDark is a fine-textured Cynodon hybrid green couch variety that is dark green in colour, sees rapid establishment, moderate to good salt tolerance, good to moderate wear tolerance and a low to moderate water requirement. 

Other comments

AgriDark was selected from a Hong Kong golf course in 1996 and imported to New Zealand for evaluation. Following favourible assessment of its potential as a warm-season turfgrass variety against comparator varieties it was released in NZ as 'Grasslands AgRiDark' in 1999. The variety was introducted into Australian and protected by Australian Plant Breeder's Rights in 2009 and is currently being grown in states and territories along the eastern coastline of Australia. The variety is licenced by Cervadon Ltd.

AgriDark is being used on the turf surface at ANZ Stadium, Homebush, NSW and within other high profile facilities. Results from studies conducted by Queensland Cricket (2017 to 2019) have shown that AgriDak has performed very well on cricket wickets, providing greater wear tolerance and lateral development, turfgrass recovery, less thatch and greener turf colour in winter. Subsequently, AgriDark was chosen to be planted on the newly constructed cricket wickets and traning blocks at Cricket Australia's National Cricket Campus in Brisbane in August 2020.

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Available in Sod/turf
Turf price range (per m2) $9.10 - $10.00
Use Sports fields and Golf or bowls and Parks and Foreshore and Residential and Roadsides and Other
Suitable climate classification Subtropical and Tropical and Temperate
Preferred mowing height 10 to 30 mm
Shade tolerance Moderate
Wear tolerance Good
Cold tolerance Good
Heat tolerance Good
Salinity tolerance Good
Water requirement Moderate
Fertiliser requirement Moderate
Mowing frequency Moderate
Thatch production Low
Facebook N/A
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  • Australian PBR expires expires 19 Jan 2029. Read more at and search 'AGRD’ in the variety field.
  • New Zealand PVR expires 14 Jul 2019. Read more at and search for 'Grassland Agridark' in the variety field.
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