Arctotheca calendula


Other common names:

Cape daisy, Marigold, silver spreader.



A low-growing annual weed which is widespread across Australia (less in subtropical and tropical environments). The weed can grow to approximately 30 cm tall, it has leaves which possess toothed margins, a very distinct flower is produced, often in winter through to spring, which had numerous yellow petals.


Susceptible Turf:

Warm-and cool-season turfgrasses.


Control options:

  • Pesticides: See available tabs below for registered products. Use as per label instructions.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Use a combination of approaches listed on this page.
  • Cultural: Nil.
  • Mechanical: Hand removal of weeds in low populations.



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Control Options

Bow & Arrow Herbicide




Surefire Buffalo, Bindi & Broadleaf Weedkiller


Surefire Dicamba M


Yates Bindii & Clover Weedkiller Concentrate


Yates Buffalo Pro Weed 'n' Feed Hose-On


Yates Buffalo Pro Weedkiller Bindii & Clover Concentrate


Yates Weed 'n' Feed Hose-On


Bow & Arrow Herbicide




Specticle Herbicide



Surefire Buffalo, Bindi & Broadleaf Weedkiller


Surefire Dicamba M