Lobelia purpurascens

White root

Other common names:

Purplish Pratia, Pratia purpurascens (Synonym).



The herbaceous weed produces stems that are thin, hairless and often purple in colour, up to 30 cm long. Leaves are arranged alternately along the stem. The leaves are ovate to lanceolate, usually 1–2 cm long, green in colour with serrated margins. The underside of the leaves are often purple in colour. The weed has long white rhizomes and it produces distinct flowers with 5 petals that are mostly white (tinged with pink or purple). Flowers are seen between spring through to autumn. The weed also produces small fruit that is egg-shaped and fleshy. The weed is frost hardy. Some gardeners use this weed as a "ground cover".


Susceptible Turf:

Warm- and cool season turf grass varieties along the eastern states of Australia, including NSW, QLD and seldom in VIC. The weed prefers moist shady areas.


Control options:

  • Pesticides: See available tabs below for registered products. Use as per label instructions.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Use a combination of approaches listed on this page.
  • Cultural: Nil.
  • Mechanical: Nil.



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