Cerastium glomeratum

Mouse-ear chickweed

Other common names:

Mouse-eared chickweed, sticky chickweed..



A short-lived annual weed that can grow up to 20 cm tall. The weed is has a distinct inflorescence containing small white flowers which have 5 petals with deeply notched tips that resemble mouse-ears. The leaves of the mouse-ear chickweed are ovate in shade and are paired along the stems of the plant. The weed reproduces by seed.

The weed can be confused with chickweed (Stellaria media).


Susceptible Turf:

Warm-and cool-season turf grass varieties. Found in wetter environments.


Control options:

  • Pesticides: See available tabs below for registered products. Use as per label instructions.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Use a combination of approaches listed on this page.
  • Cultural: Nil.
  • Mechanical: Nil.



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