Malva spp.


Other common names:

Small-flowered mallow, marshmallow, cheeseweed.



An erect or sprawling, annual or biennial herb to 1.5 metres with round lobed leaves, heart shaped cotyledons, small, 5-petalled white or pink flowers from April to November that swell into 10 mm fruits that look like tiny pumpkins (HerbiGuide, no date). The weed has an extensive deep root system and can produce a large amount of seeds spreading the problem.


Susceptible Turf:

Warm-and cool-season turfgrasses.



Control options:

  • Pesticides: See available tabs below for registered products. Use as per label instructions.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Use a combination of approaches listed on this page.
  • Cultural: Hand removal in small quantities before the weed seeds.
  • Mechanical: Nil.



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Control Options

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